Why Meg?


As writers we are all too hard on ourselves. My workshops were created to be a welcome relief from both inner and outer critics!

My workshops are work-generative, supportive online environments in which writers feel emboldened to take creative risks. In this way, they are able to grow and explore. Participants range from beginning flash fiction writers to masters-of-the-form— often in the same classes. My students have found the lack of elitism to be helpful for all. We learn so much from each other! Success stories from the workshops speak for themselves.

I have found, with my own writing, that what has worked for me (and therefore what I provide my students) is a platform in which early-draft feedback is gentle, but emotionally substantial. What is it about a story that breaks the readers’ heart, leaves them hanging on the edge of their seats? What is it about a story that makes the reader laugh and also cry? How successfully does the story create dramatic urgency, and is the feeling about a story original and true? Does the writer trust the reader? These are questions I ask myself when I read workshop pieces.

I’ll always make useful suggestions for improvement when appropriate. Participants in my workshop are encouraged to offer feedback, but the rule is “gentle”, with an eye towards what is working (rather than what is not working).

It is my believe that we are our own best editors, but we often need some time in which to create distance from an early draft. After writing a new piece, it is important to put it away for a few weeks before revising. Every editor will have a different opinion about what makes for a strong story.  What matters is how you feel. Learning to be your own editor is key to being a successful writer. Finding a supportive environment in which to create at top level is what my workshops were created to do.

Should you wish to receive individual feedback and critique for stories from my workshops you can opt to work with me privately as an line editor.

My workshops are held in private Facebook Groups, created for writers with day-jobs and busy lives. There are no hard-and-fast deadlines, and writers can jump in when they can.