CHARACTERS LIVING INSIDE US – Linked Stories Flash Workshop – March 15th -19th


March 15th – 19th  $150 USD

Please let me know if you’d like to be on the waiting list for this workshop or to be on a waiting list for the next. You can email me here. Often one or two students need to drop out, so your chances of getting in (at this time) are high. If you have paid for the class before this update, you are in. I have taken the enrollment link down.


Would you like to write stories featuring recurring characters? Looking to put together a flash novella or a chapbook of linked stories? Would you like feedback on your existing connected stories?

CHARACTERS LIVING INSIDE US – Linked stories Workshop will offer the writer a way to explore  linked stories or novella-in-flash chapters with feedback. This is a work generative ‘early days’ novella-in-progress workshop. The word count limit on stories in this workshop is 700 words or LESS. The 5-day workshop  may be used in whatever way is most useful for each individual writer, depending on their needs and where they are in the process of linking stories and working with recurring characters.

As with all of my workshops, they are highly work generative, non-critical but HELPFUL. 

Meg Pokrass has written six flash fiction collections, an award-winning collection of prose poetry, and a novella-in-flash from the Rose Metal Press. Her new novella in flash The Loss Detector was published in 2020 by Bamboo Dart Press.


November 15 – 20th. Want a wildly creative challenge this November? Welcome to STRANGE HEADLINES & WORDS: FLASH FICTION WORKSHOP!  As always, it will be held in a private Facebook group. I’ll be offering words and photos and this one is going to be fun. There will be supportive peer and instructor feedback. Cost: $120 for 5 days. To sign up, pay for the class here

Unusual Structures in Flashery – A Hermit Crab Workshop


Oct 20st – 25th.
This will be a 5-day course called Unusual Structures in Flashery – A Hermit Crab Workshop. As always, it will be held in a private Facebook group. We will be writing new pieces making use of templates like postcards, till receipts, letters to the editor, ‘fairy godmother protocols’, dictionary definitions, wills, recipes, wishlists, directions, etc. There will be peer and instructor feedback. Will be fun! The cost is $120 USD.


Flashy Photos and Words May 31 – June 6th

Flashy Photos & Words is a one-week workshop, held on Facebook. The cost is $120 USD (or the equivalent in your currency). I’ll be serving up arresting Visual Prompts with a list of words and phrases to incorporate into new stories.  The idea will to distract participants from these boring yet worrisome days and to conjour funny, sad, strange fiction. Gentle, supportive peer and instructor feedback.  To sign up, pay for the class here