Animal Love: An Ekphrastic Microfiction Workshop – Feb 21st – 24th.

This is a 4-day Ekphrastic Microfiction workshop with Meg Pokrass, Co-Editor of Best Microfiction, and Lorette C. Luzajic, Founding Editor of the Ekphrastic Review! We’ll be focusing on writing animal-love themed microfiction stories inspired by the works of great artists, offering highly generative, creative prompts from selected paintings.

Animals change us, make us better creatures, creating a kind of emotional freedom. Art aims to illuminate the human condition, and the art of humans and their love for animals touches us in ways that are unexpected and deeply emotional. Great art surprises and awakens the reader or the viewer with the beauty found in the unexpected and the uncanny.

The course will be held in a private Facebook group. Word count is 400 words per story. There will be supportive, insightful instruction on every story, as well as peer feedback. $150 USD.

Enrollment is limited. Please let Meg Pokrass know if you would like to enroll by emailing her directly.