Messy Love: An Ekphrastic Microfiction Workshop with Meg Pokrass and Lorette C. Luzajic– June 23rd-27th


The Messy Love Microfiction workshop is a 5-day Ekphrastic Microfiction workshop led by Meg Pokrass and Lorette C. Luzajic, Founding Editor of the Ekphrastic Review.

Difficult love stories move us in ways that are strange, sad, and emotional.  Messy love stories magnfify the difficult ways humans are vulnerable to each other. The group of paintings for this workshop will be hand-picked for their illuminating and inspirational qualities. Our aim will be to serve up art works that illuminate the nature of love in all of its complexity, and to write stories inspired by those illuminations. 

We will be providing a safe and warm creative work space for you to let creativity flow, and to take creative risks.

The course will be held in a private Facebook group. Word count is 400 words per story. There will be supportive, insightful instruction on every story, as well as peer feedback. Cost is $195 USD. Please email meg here if interested.