Winner of the 75 Word Conflict Contest

The challenge was to write a 75 word story and use the following words: fish, nose, tangle. Thank you to all who entered! There were so many good pieces, it was terribly hard to chose!

The winner is Jesse Bradley. Here are his stories! I’m publishing all 3 of them because they’re all that good.

by Jesse Bradley

1. Fishmonger

You stand in the door, waiting for her to say something about your latest self-improvement, two fewer pounds. You watch her tangle a lock of her hair with her index finger. She finally looks up over her glasses, at you, crinkles her nose in that way you love, and then goes back to her book. You walk into the bathroom, open the bottle of diet pills, and vow to try and fish again next week.

2. Sleight of Hand
You make your nephew’s nose disappear and he erupts. You give him back his nose and the wails grow louder, tangling you and him to the dining room. You’re here because your dad caught you fishing for one of his condoms in his dresser. You need to see the consequences of your mistakes, he said. You wanted to ask your dad if you were a mistake but didn’t want him to add to your sentence.
3. The Pugilist 
You tangle the car around a light post for a good reason: to prove god doesn’t exist. Your evidence: your father’s body fished out of a lake, a bullet that took part of your nose during the second shooting at your high school, a month after the first. You left a note pinned to your clothes instructing the EMTs, the doctors, the coroners to not remove your brass knuckles, just in case you’re proven wrong.
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