Hybrid Novella Workshop – Exploration of Recurring Characters

November 30th – December 6th, 2019

Cost: $100 USD (or equivalent)

Start making use of recurring characters. This workshop will be a place where you can experiment with writing linked stories using characters who keep turning up in your fiction! Maybe it’s a family dog. Or a grandparent. But somehow, you keep writing about them. Before you embark on the big task of writing a flash novella, you will benefit mightily by exploration and experimentation.  Highly work-generative, non-criical, non-academic.

About me: My second flash novella, “The Smell of Good Luck”, in flash is due out in 2020 from Flash: The International Short Story Press. My first novella-in-flash came out with the Rose Metal Press in 2014, in the anthology of 5 novellas, “My Very End of the Universe – Five Novellas in Flash and a Study of the Form”, which won a Gold IPPY Award.  

With all of my workshops, they are highly work generative, first-draft oriented, non-critical, but GENTLY HELPFUL. This is what I find to be best with my own writing, and how I prefer to lead.

For more info, feel free to e-mail me.If you would like to enroll in a workshop, you can do so by paying for the course via Paypal. To pay for a class, click here. Please let me know if you have enrolled in a course, and which course you have enrolled in by e-mailing as well, right here.  Paypal names are often different than writer names, so please identify yourself.