Flash Memoir Workshop: April 10th- 20th

I’ll be leading a 10-day flash memoir workshop from April 10th – 20th.

I was inspired by Damhnait Monaghan’s unforgettable CNF piece “How to Say Goodbye to Your Mother” at hippocampus magazine. I’m honoured that  “How to Say Goodbye to Your Mother” originated in my memoir workshop last Autumn. This story reminds one about just how much can be accomplished with CNF in the flash fiction form!

Another brilliant example of CNF flash is Hannah Storm’s “Winner and Losers” from Atticus Review. I’m honoured to have created a warm, creative space for these pieces (and many other wonderful CNF stories) to have been born in.

In my April 10th – 20th workshop, I’ll be creating 9 unique exercises and assigning them each day of the workshop. Participants will create and post their memoir stories for others (including me) to read and comment on. Workshop member’s feedback on each others stories are highly encouraged, but not mandatory.  My workshops were designed for busy writers with families and day jobs, so my deadlines are casual.The cost for the workshop is $120 USD/£92 GBP or the equivalent in your currency. Founding members (students from 2017 -2018) are being offered this course for a 10% reduced fee (contact me if you are a founding member with any questions about this). This upcoming workshop will take place in a private Facebook group. The word-count limit is 500 words.

 If you have questions about this workshop, feel free to contact me.


“Conflict in Flash Fiction” Workshop: Dec. 1st-14th, 2018


“Needling Your Characters – Conflict in Flash Fiction” runs from December 1st – 14th.  The cost for new participants is $125 (or equivalent in your currency).

The focus for the workshop will be developing dramatic tension in flash fiction, creating stories that are not “vignettes”, but are fully realized stories with conflict and dramatic impact. During the 2 week period, I’ll assign 6 exercises focused on creating dramatic tension. Participants will write flash fiction stories (600 words or less) inspired by these exercises. Workshop member’s feedback on each others stories are highly encouraged, but not mandatory. To enroll, pay for the course here: Paypal

If you have specific questions, please contact me for more details.