Upcoming Workshops, 2019

For more info, feel free to e-mail me.If you would like to enroll in a workshop, you can do so by paying for the course via Paypal. To pay for a class, click here. Please let me know if you have enrolled in a course, and which course you have enrolled in by e-mailing as well, right here.  Paypal names are often different than writer names, so please identify yourself. And also specify which course you signed up for.



November 15 – 17th, 2019

Cost $70 USD

 Have you ever wanted to write prose as provocative as Anais Nin’s? Exploring character’s relationships and their unique relationship(s) to sex rather than hitting us over the head with it is key in flash fiction. This is the place to explore subtle, poetic erotic writing vs. _ (the rest). This course will be held in a private Facebook group. Cost $100 USD for the 5 day workshop, Held in a private Facebook group.


Over 50 Writers and Hybrid Forms – Using Your Own Life

$90 USD

November 20-25th


Cost $90

A 5-day creative writing workshop in which we harness the power of age and experience in our writing…

A 5-day creative writing workshop in which we explore how age can make us better writers…We’ll write the way only people with experience can. All hybrid form writers welcome. Must be over 50. Exercises designed to use who you are! Email me for more details, or go ahead and enroll here.

Mslexia’s Flash Challenge Editor, Co-Editor Best Microfiction anthology series, Curator, Flash Fiction Festival UK., Founding Editor, New Flash Fiction Review

We’ll write the way only people with experience can. All hybrid form writers welcome. Must be over 50. Exercises designed to use who you are!

Winning Microfiction Online Workshop

A one-week workshop with the co-editor of Best Microfiction 2020.

November 20th – 27th, 2019

Cost: $100 USD

What makes a story pop out from the rest? How do you create deep and authentic dramatic urgency and devastating depth in microfiction? I’ll be offering exercises designed to help the writer sharpen their microfiction teeth. There will be feedback on all stories, maximum length 400 words.


Early Days Hybrid Novella Workshop (an exploration of characters and ideas)

November 30th – December 6th, 2019

Cost: $100 USD

Start making use of recurring characters. This workshop will be a place where you can experiment with writing linked stories using characters who keep turning up in your fiction! Maybe it’s a family dog. Or a grandparent. But somehow, you keep writing about them. Before you embark on the big task of writing a flash novella, you will benefit mightily by exploration and experimentation.  Highly work-generative, non-criical, non-academic.

Novella in flash online workshop – September 7th – 15th

The cost is $110 USD (or the equivalent in your currency). There will be 7 exercises in 7 days to get a novella-in-flash started (or if it’s already in-progress, the help with the momentum and development of the story arc). Every level welcome. As always, this workshop will take place in a private Facebook group dedicated to this workshop. If interested e-mail me.
When the class is full, I’ll be creating a waiting list, as there are often a few students who drop out at the last minute. As of this posting there are 2 spots left

Ekphrastic Flash Fiction Workshop — Oct 8 – 15th

“Entering the Tube” by Fermin Rocker

I’ll be teaching an Ekphrastic Flash Fiction online workshop in early October (writing inspired by art).The dates are October 8th – 15th. 7 prompts based on 7 paintings. We’ll write flash fiction inspired by them and offer each other supportive, contructive feedback. All of the exercises will be experimental in nature and in that spirit you can adapt them to suit your needs.The cost is $130 USD or £105 GBP. If interested, please pay me and then you are enrolled. The link to pay for the course is here.


Summer Booster! One-Day Online Workshop – Flash Intensive

Summer Writing Booster!  August 3rd (Saturday) I’m holding a one-day workshop, offering 5 quirky, work-generative exercises. The one-day course will take place in a private Facebook group.

Participants will write 5 stories from the prompts I assign for the one-day (24 hour) period and post them for the others to read. Gentle and supportive feedback from peers in the workshop will be welcome.

Cost $45 USD (or the equivalent in your currency). If interested, e-mail me here.