Novella in flash online workshop – September 7th – 15th

The cost is $110 USD (or the equivalent in your currency). There will be 7 exercises in 7 days to get a novella-in-flash started (or if it’s already in-progress, the help with the momentum and development of the story arc). Every level welcome. As always, this workshop will take place in a private Facebook group dedicated to this workshop. If interested e-mail me.
When the class is full, I’ll be creating a waiting list, as there are often a few students who drop out at the last minute. As of this posting there are 2 spots left

Summer Booster! One-Day Online Workshop – Flash Intensive

Summer Writing Booster!  August 3rd (Saturday) I’m holding a one-day workshop, offering 5 quirky, work-generative exercises. The one-day course will take place in a private Facebook group.

Participants will write 5 stories from the prompts I assign for the one-day (24 hour) period and post them for the others to read. Gentle and supportive feedback from peers in the workshop will be welcome.

Cost $45 USD (or the equivalent in your currency). If interested, e-mail me here.