Flashy Photos and Words May 31 – June 6th

Flashy Photos & Words is a one-week workshop, held on Facebook. The cost is $120 USD (or the equivalent in your currency). I’ll be serving up arresting Visual Prompts with a list of words and phrases to incorporate into new stories.  The idea will to distract participants from these boring yet worrisome days and to conjour funny, sad, strange fiction. Gentle, supportive peer and instructor feedback.  To sign up, pay for the class here

 I’m leading a drop-in Flash Gym Write-in (on Zoom) every Saturday. On the spot group writing to my fun/wild/ strange photos and word prompts each week in person (on 12:00 noon PST/3:00 EST/7PM GMT/8:00PM UK time (BST). We’ll also look at wonderful flash story samples.

Format: I serve up 90 minutes of brand new fast-timed writing exercises created by me. Cost is $15 USD/£12GBP.   Writers will have the option to read what they wrote aloud for the group after the exercises. Nobody will feel they have to read. Reading first drafts aloud is not for everybody.

After the sessions, for those who can linger for an extra 10 minutes, author and yoga instructor Sudha Bulagapal will be offering free relaxing yoga stretches for writers right at their desks! The exercises are to help us all relax during this difficult time.

To enroll for an individual class, click here. I use Paypal. PLEASE  email me here to let me know you which Saturday you have signed up for and also, let me know your name. Paypal names are often different. Please note: At the beginning of each month, you can sign up for an entire month of Saturdays. As there are 5 Saturdays in May, the cost is  for $60USD for the whole month (5 sessions)

Hybrid Novella Workshop March 24 – 30th, 2020

Cost $130 USD FULL

Hybrid novella workshop, to be held in a private Facebook group. For writers who would like to explore and experiment with writing a longer treatment about recurring characters. 7 prompts in 7 days. The focus of this workshop will NOT be on narrative structure, but on character development and exploration of ways to link stories creatively. Gentle, useful feedback.