Summer Booster! One-Day Online Workshop – Flash Intensive

Summer Writing Booster!  August 3rd (Saturday) I’m holding a one-day workshop, offering 5 quirky, work-generative exercises. The one-day course will take place in a private Facebook group.

Participants will write 5 stories from the prompts I assign for the one-day (24 hour) period and post them for the others to read. Gentle and supportive feedback from peers in the workshop will be welcome.

Cost $45 USD (or the equivalent in your currency). If interested, e-mail me here.


July 24th – 31st Flash Workshop

I’ll be leading a new 1-week online workshop from July 24th-31st, 2019. The workshop will be focused on how to use real-life anxieties in fiction! The workshop will be a safe and supportive environment in which to create new stories. The workshop will take place in a private Facebook group.

I’ll be offering 7 (total) prompts. They’ll be focused on making creative use of the worries that plague us. The idea is that if we can’t beat our anxieties, let’s at least use them for something creative!

Participants will create and post their stories for others (including me) to read and to give helpful feedback on. Workshop member’s feedback on each others stories are highly encouraged, but not mandatory.  My workshops were designed for busy writers with families and day jobs, so my deadlines are casual.

The cost for the workshop is $110 USD or the equivalent in your currency.

If you are new to my workshops, and before reading further, I encourage you to visit “2018 Success Stories from Meg’s Workshops to see the published stories from 2018 which were started in my workshops.
Enrollment is limited. Please email me directly. 


Recent In-Person Appearances and Teaching Engagments

Summer Teaching Engagements (in person):

-Mslexicon Festival – “Fiery Flash Fiction”, July, 2019!

-Flash Fiction Festival U.K. “Experimental Prompts”, Novella-in-Flash Workshop, Best Microfiction Reading,  (June, 2019) !

-River Mill, Ireland, in August 2019 “Fierce Flash Fiction” (with Nuala O’Connor) forthcoming…!!!

Performing, teaching, panel participation at Flash Fiction Festival U.K.


Kara Vernor in Best Small Fictions 2019

Kara Vernor’s story How Not to Become an Expat has been selected for the Best Small Fictions 2019. I’m so happy and proud—congratulations!

On Facebook, Kara wrote: “This story would not have happened without Meg Pokrass. I started it in one of her workshops, submitted it to her journal when it was ready, and she and her team not only took it but nominated it for this honor. Thanks Meg and all of the Best Small Fictions readers!”

Thank you, Kara, for your excellent work!



Johanna Robinson Runner-Up Bath Flash Fiction Novella-In-Flash Award

I’m proud to announce a particular success story today:

Runner-up for the Bath Flash Fiction Novella-In-Flash Award 2019 is Johanna Robinson for her novella-in-flash, Homing, to be published in its own volume later this year.


Johanna took my Needling Your Characters Workshop in December 2018 in order to finish the novella. During that time, she wrote seven flashes that all ended up in the final draft. “The novella wouldn’t be what it was without the workshop,” according to Johanna. So happy to hear that—a teacher’s dream.

Michael Loveday writes in his Jury Report“The flashes show subtle insight into human behaviour, are often genuinely moving, and the author has a way with closure—many flashes end with a lovely poise and delicacy.” 

Please visit Johanna’s Website to stay up to date on this exciting news and the upcoming publication!