Cost: $90 USD/(or Equivalent in your currency…)

Jan 5th – 9th, 2020

Here is the holiday gift  you’ve been looking for!

Perhaps you’re a novelist between projects, or a poet who has always wanted to give flash fiction a try. Maybe you’re someone who hasn’t written for a bit and needs some inspiration. Or maybe you simply want to flash yourself right in to 2020… with gusto!

Flash Fiction is a fun and wonderful challenge. I’ll be creating new and unusual prompts that tend to feel more like games than exercises. You’ll be happily surprised by what can happen!  If interested, or if giving this workshop as a Xmas gift, you can enroll here.

The workshop will be held in a dedicated Facebook group. Feedback writers will receive is gentle, helpful, and enthusiastic. It will help the writer to take the piece to the next step by emphasizing what works.

If you have purchased this workshop for a friend, please e-mail me, and let me know their names and contact info.